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LED solar lights

All-in-one Solar outdoor light

LEDs use very little power to lights. LED lights are inexpensive and produces bright lighting for a long time

Very Bright

An LED light with solar panels can produce a little light or a lot of light, depending on your needs. An LED flood light with solar panels can be a bright white and look much the same as daylight.

Long Lifetime

Solar-powered LED lights last longer than incandescent and compact fluorescent lights, as well as halogen bulbs. They are perfect for high, hard-to-reach, or faraway places. An installed LED will last for up to 22 years. 

Automated Light and Motion Sensors

The motion sensor can detect a heat source that travels constantly within its detection range. The light will automatically switch on when someone enters the area.

Wide Application

Outdoor solar lights is perfect for gardens, swimming pools, fences, courtyards, driveways, steps, outside walls, etc., heat and waterproof, no need to worry about outdoor damage.

Easy Installation

No wiring or professional is needed to do the installation you can do it by yourself. Just nails and hammer.


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